5/30/17: JORGE CRUZ

Jorge Cruz is a Mexican born, Greenpoint-based conceptual artist whose current interest in walls, as both physical and conceptual art objects, finds poetic resonance with the wall-building enthusiasms of another prominent American: Donald Trump. “Walls can provide safety and security; they can also divide and isolate not only physically but mentally.  As such, they stand as physical and ideological symbols of division and personal stagnation.”

Mr. Cruz’s conceptual art project, The Phantom Wall, seeks to erect a wall of white light along the border between Mexico and the United States in the fall of 2018 — paid for, of course, by the Mexican government. An ambitious, necessary, and perhaps impossible dream, Cruz’s Phantom Wall offers us a chance to talk about  the history and pervasiveness of prejudice, the role of the state in fostering inter-cultural acceptance, and the power of art to move hearts and minds.

Come Join us for an intimate discussion with Mr. Cruz, about his own, and related, conceptual art projects!