Award-winning filmmaker Caveh Zahedis TV Show, The Show About The Show, has been both lauded as “one of the most intriguing surprises” on television, and lambasted as a “sinister,” “repelling,”  and “maddening” experiment in social engineering. A philosophical, recursive, self-reflexive vision of reality TV (Imagine Keeping up with the Kardashians as re-made by a stoned  Jean-Luc Godard), Zahedi’s show sees him chronicling, recreating, and reflecting on  key moments from his own life, as he improvises through each episode in painful and occasionally lurid detail. This conceit is compounded by Zahedi’s personal commitment to an ethic of total honesty in all human interactions, no matter the consequence. It’s altogether one of the funniest, strangest, most provocative, and most ambitious shows on television today.

It also may be ruining Zahedi’s life.  As chronicled in The Show About The Show, the binding demands of honesty and exposure imposed by the show itself have undermined Zahedi’s friendships, stressed his two children, and estranged his (comic genius of a) wife, Mandy — perhaps permanently.. All of which begs many questions: Is the show harmless entertainment, or sociopathic ego-art? Is Zahedi an inspired show-runner or a delusional cult-leader? Is Mandy an innocent victim or a masochistic collaborator? Is Zahedi’s philosophic honesty a sincere ethical stance or a sadistic directorial ploy?  Join us for a frank — and honest! —  appreciation of art, life, and the symbiosis of the two in this show about The Show About The Show.